Bosch Wireless Battery Charging System

Rob Robillard, Carpenter and editor at talks about the NEW Bosch Wireless Battery Charging System

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That brings us to the Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System. This new charging system allows users to recharge a tool anytime it would otherwise rest idle, eliminating downtime and dead batteries.

The Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System components include:

Wireless charger
Docking frame
Wireless-compatible 2.0 Ah 18V Li-ion battery pack

The new battery is compatible with all Bosch 18V power tools and only can be charged on the new wireless charger. A mountable holster will be available shortly and promote a grab and go storage solution. [photos of holster are included in this article]
Bosch Solution to a Job-Site Problem

This system is perfect for the mobile contractor who depends on finding electrical power on each job-site to charge tools. This system provides them with an in-vehicle charging system that works. The batteries are 80% charged in 30 minutes and 100% charged in 50 minutes. They can charge while traveling from job to job. It’s not just for the mobile solution, it will also work equally well for mechanics, in work-shops and manufacturing plants for folks who lose track of where they left their tool or spare batteries and cluttered charging stations take up space with batteries all over.

This system improves productivity and ensures that you will always have a fully charged battery and works in the following area:

Truck / Trailer / Van
Job Box Charging Station
Cart mounting

Bosch Wireless Benefits:

Innovative solution to the core problem of dead batteries
Eliminates the need for a bin of batteries with a partial charges
Easily charge hand-held power tools in between tasks or jobs
Increased productivity
Compatible with complete Bosch 18V power tools
Features Foreign Object Detection

How It Works

The charger woks on the concept called inductive charging, similar to a modern, Phillips Sonocare rechargeable toothbrush. When the charger is plugged in and the compatible battery is placed on it, the charger begins wireless transmission through an alternating magnetic field.

The battery, featuring an internal copper coil, acts as a receiver. As the alternating magnetic field penetrates the coil, voltage is induced and a charging current flows to the cells until full. all this is done with minimal to no extreme heat transfer. The charger also features Foreign Object Detection, which detects when any other object [metal washer, screw or nail] besides the compatible battery is on the charging pad. If sensed, the charger will not turn on until the object is removed.

We tested this on our model and the Foreign Object Detection worked perfectly!!

Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System
NEW Bosch Mobile Holster:

The mobile holster, which we feel is a bit bulky, seems like it will be a more secure way to charge your tool. The holster can be wall- or shelf-mount the charger with either the WC18H mobile tool holster or WC18F charger frame. Bosch says that this holster takes up half the space of a case but the problem with this argument is that the tool case allows you to store tool drill / impact ready bits and accessories.

Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System
WC18H – Mobile Holster mounts to any shelf or side wall

Bosch Wireless Charging Kits:

WCBAT612 -is a SlimPack 18V 2.0 Ah battery. 4.0 ah batteries are planned for next year.
WC18C – The WC18C Wireless Charger will charge the WCBAT612 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes and 100 percent in 50 minutes (from empty). It features charge status indicator lights for easy recognition.
WC18F – Available with all Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System kits, the WC18F frame is designed to mount the charger to workbenches, shelves, side walls or other work surfaces, and serves as a flexible and secure holder for the battery or tool and battery (on horizontal surface).
WC18H – The Bosch WC18H Mobile Holster offers users the industry’s first customized charging and storage system. Easily mounts to any shelf or side wall for quick and convenient tool charging and storage.

Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System
WC18F – mounts to workbenches, shelves, side walls or other work surfaces

12 Volt Charging Options:

Currently this wireless system is only offered in a 120 volt configuration and if mounted in a vehicle will need an inverter. A 12 volt power cord with an auxiliary charger is coming out next year

Post time: Oct-19-2017
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