Warming a small room with no electric whatsoever!

These are the little clay terracotta pots for plants, you can get them at walmart, lowes, or any other place where they sell plants I’m sure. Now, the bread pan is on a magazine to keep it from heating my counter. Its very simple and has multiple use. I try never to buy anything that wont have multiple use. These are heavy and not good for bugging out with, but serve a good purpose at your “off the grid” BOL(bug out loc)

I cannot take credit for this, I am making this for my own preps and to show my viewers and subs how to make it.

You will need
- 2 clay pots, small one and a larger one.
- 1 bread ban (I got mine at the dollar store)
- Few tea light candles (or any candle should work)
These pots need to be able to fit on the bread pan(my larger one is ALMOST too big)

Post time: Oct-17-2017
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